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Timeless Elegance: Reimagining Modern Design with a French Country Twist.

“French Country design is known for its effortless elegance and timeless charm. It blends rustic elements with sophisticated details, creating spaces that are both inviting and refined.” – R Ashwell

Welcome to our latest design project showcase! We had the challenge of transforming this sleek modern penthouse condo into an inviting home with French Country charm.  Our team embarked on a journey to blend elegance and comfort, infusing the space with elements of old world craftsmanship adding a layer of historical richness to the home.

Our client longed for a space that reflected a timeless, classic style, one that radiated warmth, sophistication and a touch of feminine flair.  In other words, she asked us to make it pretty.

French Country Living

Thoughtful touches to transform the space: Sometimes you don't have to change much to get a big impact. Here we refined the existing modern kitchen with new cabinet pulls, custom millwork panels for the appliances, and traded the stainless steel sink for an elegant granite composite sink to match the stone countertops.

Wall Mouldings: One of the hallmarks of French Country design is its emphasis on detailed craftsmanship. From the moment you step into the foyer, you’re greeted by beautifully crafted picture frame mouldings that sets the tone for the rest of the home. These details not only add depth and texture to the walls but also create a sense of continuity throughout the condo.

Contrast: Adding these metal and glass barn doors to the home office brings a striking blend of industrial charm and modern elegance. From a design perspective, these doors serve as a sophisticated focal point, adding both visual interest and functional value.

Maximizing Space: With condo living, every square inch counts. This beautifully crafted custom cabinetry was designed for multi-functionality, creating an environment where our client (and her pets) feels her best.

It's all in the details: Adding elegant crown mouldings, an intricate ceiling medallion and luxurious drapery to this space allowed us to soften the edges of it's modern edges.

Fireplace facelift: With a view like this, it was imperitive for the centrally located fireplace to make a statement without obstructing the sightlines.

This monolithic Venetian plaster fireplace surround serves as a beautiful centrepiece merging contemporary design with timeless elegance. This stunning feature not only elevates the overall design of the space but also adds a touch of luxury and refinement that transforms the fireplace into a true work of art.

The living room is the heart of this penthouse, and our design aimed to make it both luxurious and comfortable. The soft, neutral color palette, inspired by the French countryside, includes shades of cream, beige, and soft gray, creating a serene backdrop. Plush, overstuffed furniture invites relaxation, while vintage-inspired light fixtures add a touch of romance.

We focused heavily on custom millwork to bring this vision to life (and maximize the limited space). Here we brought in these beautiful glass doors with arched mullions and vintage pulls to anchor the dining space in this open concept penthouse.

Weaving the accent colour though into this secondary bathroom adds a playful touch.

Adding picture frame molding to headboard wall painted in a soft blue hue transformed her bedroom into a French Country haven, infusing it with elegance and charm. This classic design element brings a refined, architectural detail that enhances the room’s character and depth. The blue backdrop creates a serene and calming atmosphere, perfectly complementing the French linen Parisian furnishings.

Pet friendly design: Our client, a dedicated animal lover, made it clear from the start that her home’s design would cater to the needs of her entire family, including her beloved pets. The existing laundry room lacked functional storage and needed to accommodate her cat’s needs seamlessly. We created a space that allowed her cat to take care of herself effortlessly while maintaining the room’s beauty and sophistication, ensuring the overall design remained cohesive and elegant.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this remodel was seeing the transformation from a stark modern space to a warm, inviting French Country home. Every detail, from the custom millwork to the elegant wall moldings, was carefully considered and meticulously executed. The result is a penthouse that feels timeless yet current, luxurious yet comfortable—a true reflection of our client and her vision.


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