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Modern Farmhouse: Charm, adaptability and comfort.

“Renovating old homes is not about making them look new, it's about making new unnecessary” - Ty McBride

I love when our clients bring us the challenge of transforming their home into a modern space while equally honouring its existing character. This requires us to listen carefully, not only to the client but to the house itself. There’s an alchemy that occurs through taking these old houses apart and putting them back together. If you pay close attention, you can capture the hidden gems that present themselves throughout the course of construction, and harness the magic that comes from inevitable surprises in renovation.

Modern farmhouse design is about striking the right balance between modern minimalist and rural country living, bring along with it all the charm, adaptability and comforts one could wish for. The modern farmhouse retains a bit more sophistication that the rustic country homes of the past. To achieve this look we carefully selected materials that would strike this perfect balance. Here you’ll find clean neutral tones, organic materials, layered textures and contrasting black elements to add a bit of edge.

This project features custom reclaimed wood mantel, exposed oak beams, vaulted shiplap ceilings, wide plank flooring, painted brick, barn doors, black framed windows, and more.

Modern Farmhouse

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